Business Consulting


It is critical to consider a business’s operational processes when selecting, implementing and using a software application. The software or system must be configurable to accommodate the business’s operational processes. It is also critical to adjust and improve operational processes when implementing and using a best-in-class business system. The most brilliant system configured and used badly, will produce poor results and limit the return on investment. It therefore goes without saying that business systems and processes must be integrated and are interdependent.

Due to the interdependence of business systems & processes, consulting with clients is often done in conjunction with business system work, namely new system implementations or updates, integration of new products, services and/or customers into existing business processes and systems, and reviewing operational compliance to business processes and system usage policies.

Process and People

Authorised Bitrix24 Partner

Consulting work is not limited to any particular industry nor is it limited to any particular business system. However, as an authorised Bitrix24 Partner, we do specialise in consulting to clients who implement and use Bitrix24.

Business Process Lifecycle Model

Optinuum Business Systems & Consulting provides consulting services to clients to improve and optimise their business processes across the full business process lifecycle. This includes aligning business processes to systems (and vice versa) and ensuring there is process compliance. The consulting engagement can be at any single stage of the lifecycle, or across the entire lifecycle. To ensure clients receive the highest quality deliverables during an assignment, the Business Process Lifecycle Model (© Optinuum) is used, as well as other industry best practice methods and tools.